Ministry of Defence utilises TSG’s Gurkha workforce to improve security on army barracks’ across the UK

Nationwide| United Kingdom


TSG mobilise a comprehensive Gurkha unit to provide unbeatable perimeter security and guard post services on MOD sites across the UK.

The Company

The Ministry of Defence are responsible for the security, independence and interest of our country at home and abroad. Their aim is to ensure that the armed forces have the training, equipment and support necessary for their work.

The Challenge

TSG were successful in being accepted onto the National Army Framework Agreement. The requirement was broad and diverse in its nature. The portfolio of MOD sites requiring security services was made up of 18 barracks’ and 1 garrison. The challenge was to provide perimeter security and guard post services whilst the regiments on tour abroad, whilst maintaining the professional and strong image required by a client such as the MOD.


TSG went onto win over 80% of all subsequent tenders due to the application of our unique Gurkha unit. The Gurkhas were familiar with military culture and lifestyle, meaning their adaption to each new environment was paramount to our success. The MOD appreciated the military backgrounds of the officers providing their security services. The immaculate and clipped presentation of our staff was highly regarded, as well as the respect, recognition and salutation our Ghurkha personnel were able to give the service men and women.

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