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Our TSG branded patrol cars are tracked from our control centre using our Teletrac system

Mobile Support Services

TSG-branded patrol car

Our TSG-branded patrol car site inspections are logged and digitally recorded from our control centre in Canary Wharf, using the Teletrac patrol system. Periodic and randomly timed inspections by mobile patrol units are a proven counter surveillance technique and regularly prove to be an extremely effective alternative to a static guard.

Secure the asset

We often supplement our Intelligent Remote Monitoring service with our Mobile Patrols. This gives our clients the reassurance that if anything were to happen on-site, we can have a Mobile Patrol driver on site in a matter of minutes to secure the asset and make the area safe.

Mobile Support Services
Mobile Support Services

A solution based around you

Whether your business is an SME or an international FTSE 100 company, we have a solution that fits you and your requirements.

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