Heathrow Airport’s multifaceted security problem is solved by TSG’s flexible provision

Longford | London, United Kingdom


Heathrow is the 2nd busiest airport in the world, the demanding requirements of this construction project bought unique challenges that were successfully met by our experienced team.

The Company

Heathrow Airport is a major international airport in London, United Kingdom and is used by over 80 airlines flying to 185 destinations in 84 countries.

The Challenge

Heathrow were looking for a security contractor who could handle the diverse requirements of the construction operation. TSG were selected to work with Heathrow’s Rapid Goods Screening Centre and Secure Passenger Screening Centre. This meant we had to adhere to the stringent levels of security as regulated by Transec on behalf of Department of Transport and the UK Border Agency.


  • "TSG as a company and as a management team have reacted well to our demand. They have recently made considerable investment into their own infrastructure to support the burden of our Aviation requirements. As a company, we have considered adding to our list of security suppliers but analysis and experience have now led us to a closer partnership with TSG. We have a TSG Manager working full-time alongside our department in our offices. Given our risk profile and their performance to mitigate our risks I have no hesitation in recommending the deployment of TSG Officers/Supervisors to you."

    Heathrow Airport Security Operations Manager


TSG were strategically selected to supply security personnel to Heathrow airport for the duration of several long-term construction projects. The location and complex requirements ensured that specific operational objectives needed to be developed (and strictly adhered to) when recruiting, screening and training officers. In addition to providing a standard training needs analysis, TSG established a comprehensive pre-employment suitability testing programme. The programme was based on standard perceptual skills testing and was developed in-house into a computerised format to improve efficiency and accuracy of testing. Due to the volume of Security Officers requiring Airside Passes, TSG were able to screen, train and process airside pass applications directly to Heathrow’s ID Centre. TSG setup a dedicated Airside Screening Department which represented a ‘best in class’ service to our client.

Over the course of the project TSG provided 120 screened/trained airside certified personnel to Heathrow Airport. Given the high-profile element and complex nature of this contract, the reliability of the security provider was of vital importance. TSG represented a hard-working, transparent security partner wherein the airport was secured to the highest level.

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